Baked Munchkin Squash

Baked Munchkin SquashAs well as being attractive to look at and used for decorative purposes, baked and stuffed munchkin pumpkins make excellent fare for Halloween and Bonfire night. Twenty times smaller than a standard pumpkin they are ‘single serving sized’; if cooked in a hot oven both the flesh and skin can be eaten. We suggest a spicy pork filling with black beans (the pork mince could be exchanged for pieces of sausage meat if preferred).

Cooking time: 40 minutes Read more

Summer Vegetables Picnic Tart

BroadbeansMake the most of the wonderful fresh produce that is currently available by incorporating broad beans, peas and asparagus in this delicious savoury tart. It is absolutely ideal for packed lunches, picnics and summer parties. Broad beans, once removed from their pod (choose only the freshest and firmest when purchasing), should be blanched. This makes the removal of the thick outer skin easier to achieve and reveals the vibrant green bean that will enliven savoury summer cooking.

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

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Mediterranean Haddock with Autumn Squash

Mediterranean Haddock Parcels with Autumn Squash by Wilde_FoodAutumn squash like butternut squash or pumpkins are bright and colourful with a sweet flesh but tough skins. However, by roasting small pieces this makes the skin tender and easier to eat. The colourful contrast of haddock with Autumn squash makes this a vibrant looking and delicious tasting, Mediterranean style meal.

Cooking Time: 25mins Read more

Quick Cook Lamb Cutlet Tagine

Quick Cook Lamb Cutlet Tagine from Wilde FoodTagines can sometimes take quite a while to cook. This quick cook lamb cutlet tagine whilst using typical Moroccan ingredients is speedy to prepare and cook. Spring lamb is best in early autumn when it develops a good flavour which compliments Moroccan spices and flavours.

Recipe provided by Meat Promotion Wales (HCC).


Cooking time: 30 minutes Read more

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