Why Wilde?

Welcome to Wilde Food. My name is Nicola Wilde and I am a home economist and food educator.

Food can be one of the greatest enjoyments in life, it is the glue that can bind families, friends and relationships together. Sometimes it is a mirror upon society and our place in it.

I am fortunate to have worked for most of my career in food education with consumers, teachers and healthcare professionals on behalf of a number of industries and organisations, including multiple retailers and the agriculture sector. I have endeavoured through food education to help young people become more informed consumers and I will be best known by teachers for my long-standing work on behalf of farmers through the Meat and Education programme.

Good food and making people hungry is a fusion between the ingredients that we farm, fish or harvest, as well as the human skills (industrial and domestic) required to harness and process those ingredients. Good food does not need to be flashy and expensive, but should be the result of mastering essential skills and knowledge. As well as basic cooking skills, we need to be able to sort the fact from the fiction in relation to nutrition and healthy eating.

With this in mind, as well as the increased emphasis on food education within the national curriculum, we have created a series of CPD events for food teachers new, returning or just looking for some inspiration and the opportunity to network.

In addition to the Wilde Food CPD courses, we are also able to offer recipe creation, testing, development and writing, plus full nutritional analysis where needed.

Food is truly our bread and butter.

See what’s on offer…



Your knowledge of the food Industry and in particular the red meat industry, combined with your knowledge of the curriculum and of teachers’ requirements enabled the teachers to gain valuable skills and information that will help them back in their teaching. Your contribution enabled us to deliver a very professional course for the North Wales and surrounding area.



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